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    Whenever trying to edit or implement new changes to one of your experiments, you might notice that these adjustments are not immediately applied. Sometimes it might take around 5 minutes for you to see live the modifications made for a particular experiment.

    Why does the delay occur?

    When navigating the Internet, there is a lot of cache data stored. These elements are stored and later used to serve any future requests for that data, faster. Although the stored cache data eases the user experience, it doesn’t get updated instantly, but every couple of minutes, hence the delay mentioned above.

    What can you do about it?

    Because we are time-efficient and committed to offering you the best possible experience, we recommend using the OmniTool extension that helps bypass the cache so you could see the experiment live, along with the changes you made.

    How can you do it?

    Step 1. From your Omniconvert platform, go at the top of the screen, on the right side, and click Support Center.

    support center

    Step 2. Click on Support Center and a drop down will appear. Click on the third option > OmniTool Extension.

    OmniTool extension

    Step 3. A new page will load. Here, you need to copy the authentication key and click on the browser you are using: Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera.

    authentication key

    Step 4. After clicking on the browser icon, a new page will automatically load. In the below example you can see the OmniTool extension page. You should click on the Add to Chrome (for Google Chrome, for example) button.

    add to chrome

    Step 5. A pop up will appear with the message: ‘Add OmniTool’? Select Add extension and wait.

    add OmniTool extension

    Step 6. Once the extension is added, you will find a small blue icon at the top of the screen, on the right side.

    blue icon

    Step 7. Paste the copied authentication key in the Omni Tool Auth Key field and click on the Bypass icon to enable the option: from Off > On.

    bypass icon on

    Now, you should see your experiment’s changes live (almost instantly) because the cache system will be bypassed.

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