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    Sub-accounts are very useful because they allow you to enable more people to see the results of experiments on a website, without giving out your main account information (email and password).

    P.S.: the first step is not to create a new account for each new person coming to your team(because then Explore will recognize the email as an existent user ) but instead enter in the Parent Account to do that

    To create and work with sub-accounts follow the next steps:

    Step 1: In the app’s dashboard, go to “Account” and click on “Subaccounts”:

    Step 2: The following window will appear. Click on “New subaccount”:

    omniconvert new subaccount

    Step 3: Last, but not least, add details for the subaccount: name, login email and password. Then, select the type of access you want and the website. You choose between 4 types of access:

    • Read only (it gives access to the results/statistics of the experiments)
    • Full access (it gives full access to the selected website)
    • Creator ( they can only create experiments )
    • Activator ( they can only activate experiments )

    If you want to give to a sub-account access to more than one website, pres control + click to select all the websites you wish. You can scroll down in the, new sub-account window.

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