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    REVEAL automatically generates these 11 customer groups based on your customers buying behavior.

    Depending on the client base one can define fewer or more of the RFM groups exemplified below. 

    For a small client base, there’s no need to have a large number of groups. The idea is to have manageable chunks of people that share a particular behavior in relation to your website.

    These are your most valuable customers. They bought most often, of the highest values. Their latest order has been recently placed.
    These are Active customers, they placed a couple of orders, the last one being placed recently.
    New Passion
    These customers placed 1-2 orders with an average value.
    These customers are active on and off. They placed a couple of orders of very high values.
    Potential Lovers
    These are active customers, they placed a couple of orders of high values. They have the potential to become Lovers.
    Platonic friend
    These customers are active but they placed very few orders or small / medium values.
    About to dump you
    These are inactive customers, having placed their latest order more than 6 months ago.
    Don Juan
    These customers have placed only one order, but of high value.
    These are your former True Lovers or Soulmates. They abandoned your website, being inactive. You don’t know why they decided to stop buying.
    These are the new customers who barely placed their first order. 
    These customers are inactive. When they used to buy they bought of small values.

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