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    REVEAL is focused on 3 pillars of growth:

    • Retention
    • Segmentation
    • Satisfaction

    REVEAL will deliver customer retention strategies for your eCommerce business by providing you with automated insights into your customers’ buying behavior.

    You will no longer need to spend time and resources to dig into your own data because once installed, REVEAL will be able to retrieve your data and will instantly reveal:

    • How many customers come back and place the 2nd order
    • How profitable are returning customers compared to new ones
    • After how many orders a customer becomes a loyal one
    • Information about your ideal customer profile (ICP)
    • How many orders are being returned and how is this impacting your retention rate
    • What are your customers’ buying behaviors
    • Install an ongoing satisfaction measuring process, that will permanently reveal what is your overall NPS score as well as the NPS scores of your most valuable customers

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