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    Because we wanted to offer more access to Reveal, but maybe some persons are not entitled to have full editing rights, we created this super feature that is offering power to those that you want or need only for specific sections of Reveal. Let’s see how we can do this!

    *For full access to your shop, please contact our support team, by sharing the email address on which the Reveal account has been created for your team mate

    First, we will need to go to the Store settings > User management > Roles tab and then click on the “Add new role” button:

    A new pop-up window will open, showing you all existing permissions that you can give to one of your users. From there you can give a name to the Role that you want to create, choosing which of the permission rights you will want to assign(if you feel like we missed something out, let us know!):

    Hit the “Save” button and let’s see what we created:

    We have our new role created and ready to use!

    *Please take note that you can modify the role anytime by clicking on the pencil button or simply erase that role and create a new one from scratch.

    Now that we are all set on the “Roles” tab, we can switch to the “Users” tab and then click on the “Add new user” button:

    Again, a new pop-up will be displayed, where you will have to set-up the access details for your new team mate. These credentials will be the ones that the user can connect inside its Reveal account so make sure to write somewhere the password, if you want to skip the “Forgot password” scenario.

    Now you are all set and your team mate is ready to use Reveal, with access only to those sections that you given to previously.

    Remember that you can always limit your team’s access or extend it to more sections from Reveal. Happy revealing to everybody!

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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