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    When you are not sure how the experiment will look live, follow these steps:

    • Go to the ‘Audience’ tab and select ‘Segment’ – ‘New segment’:
    • Get your IP from here.
    • Select ‘Include’ – > ‘IP address’ -> ‘Is’ -> your IP:

    Click here if you want to know more about IP address segmentation.

    segmentation name ip address
    • Go to the ‘Traffic allocation and goals’ tab and set your traffic to be 100% to make sure that you are included in the experiment, the first time you test it:

    If you want to test only how the Variation (the version with the changes you’ve made) looks like, continue with the following steps:

    • Set the Control to have 0% and the Variation 100% in order for the experiment to apply only the on Variation.
    • Publish it.
    publish experiment

    Please keep in mind that for every change you make, you have to wait 4 – 5 minutes until it is live on the website. If after that your experiment doesn’t apply, clear your cookies.

    • In order to check it out live, open a new tab in your browser and write the link where the experiment is set to run ( The one entered in the ‘Audience’ tab under ‘Manage pages’ ).

    Do not forget! After you tested the experiment, change it, in order for the visitors to see it.

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