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    When you want to show different content to your users depending on what campaigns they arrive from on your website, the UTM Parameters segmentation with ‘Personalization’ is the best option.

    To do such an experiment follow these steps:

    • Create a new A/B test experiment and add a ‘+NEW VARIATION on which you should edit/add the dedicated content/copy that you want:
    a b test new variation
    • Go to ‘Audience tab and make sure to choose the proper URL condition, in order for the experiment to apply on the targeted page:
    experiment url condition
    • Once you’ve set up the pages where you want the experiment to run, you go further down to create the UTM ‘Segmentation’:
    experiment utm segmentation
    • After you click on the ‘All visitors’ button, you’ll be prompted with the Segmentation pop-up from where you need to create a ‘New segment’:
    experiment new segment
    experiment segment utm parameters

    Click here if you want to learn more about our segmentation.

    • Once the segmentation is set to work, go to ‘Traffic allocation and goals’  – > ‘Traffic allocation’ and click on Click here to change. If you want all your visitors that come from UTM campaign to see the Variation, put 0 on ‘Control’ and 100 on ‘Variation’:
    experiment traffic variation

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