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    A healthy and desirable NPS trend would be to see more promoters among your customers who are more passive. If you’re not seeing that, then perhaps some of your long-term customers may be at risk of churning (leaving you) which requires you to look into what’s going wrong in their customer experience.

    REVEAL will analyze your NPS scores, which will give you a better understanding of why your detractors are at the risk of leaving you, what’s keeping your passives from recommending your store and products further, and why your promoters love you.

    Find the common pattern among your passives and begin to work towards resolving those pain points, so you can turn the passives to promoters. As for your detractors, focus on your “high” detractors (e.g. rating 4-6) and work on moving them up at least to the passive group.

    Lastly, do not forget about your promoters. Understand why they love your business and make sure they, and others, continue to receive that same experience.

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