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    There are two options to send the Post-delivery NPS invitations via Klaviyo. This guide is relevant only for creating the email template for NPS via a Klaviyo Flow.
    For NPS via Klaviyo Campaigns, check this.

    Step 1.
    Login in Klaviyo and go to Content > Templates > Create Template.

    Step 2.
    Either select one of your saved templates, a themed one or start with a basic one and go from there.

    Step 3.
    Name your template and start editing. The main idea here is to make use of the drag and drop functionality Klaviyo offers. We use blocks for this, specifically the one called Header / Link Bar. Add one in your template and select the Links/buttons only.

    Step 4.
    Start adding the NPS scores. You will need 11 links in total. In the Text fields, type each score, from 0 to 10. In the URL fields, paste this code:

    https://{{ event|lookup:'reveal_nps_invitation_url'}}&s=

    After “s=” add the same number as the one in the corresponding text field.
    So for the first link, the text will be 0 and the URL will be:

    https://{{ event|lookup:'reveal_nps_invitation_url'}}&s=0

    For the second link, the text will be 1 and the URL will be

    https://{{ event|lookup:'reveal_nps_invitation_url'}}&s=1

    For the third link, the text will be 2 and the URL will be

    https://{{ event|lookup:'reveal_nps_invitation_url'}}&s=2

    And so on.

    Step 5.
    Finish adding styles, colors etc. Then save the template.

    Step 6.
    Test away. You can now send a test email (from Reveal > Store Settings > General > NPS Klaviyo Email Settings > Send a Test Email Through Klaviyo) and the new template will be used.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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