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    REVEAL is a Customer Intelligence platform that serves as a unique source of truth about your customers.

    Reveal will help you monitor and nurture your customers and tailor your marketing actions based on your customers buying behaviors. It also helps you understand their satisfaction with your products and services.

    REVEAL collects your data through a feed and accesses the data related to your customers, products, categories, and orders placed, providing you with a smart reporting dashboard which gives you insights about how your eCommerce customers buy, how frequently, who are your top customers and who are the ones thinking of leaving you.


    • Who’s your ideal customer profile
    • What made them buy from you
    • How often do they buy from you
    • What made them stop buying from you
    • Which are the most important brands, categories, customers
    • Buying patterns & anomalies


    • The retention rate
    • The lifetime value
    • The customers that matter with RFM Segmentation
    • Cohorts of your best customers
    • VoC: Customer effort, Customer Satisfaction, NPS
    • The most profitable segments of customers


    • Personalize their experience on the website, email, etc.
    • Prioritize the ones who matter most
    • Solve their problems faster

    Top Features:

    • Cohort Analysis
    • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    • RFM Segmentation
    • NPS Score Monitoring
    • Buying Behavior

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