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    Net promoter score (NPS) is a metric that reveals how many customers are willing to recommend a product or service to other people. This is one of the most important KPIs a business should track since it gives a direct insight into customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

    The Net Promoter Score is obtained by asking customers the following question after each order places: “On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”

    REVEAL automatically launches NPS surveys and calculates and displays the following information:

    • The general NPS score of all customers
    • The NPS scores by RFM customer segment

    This will provide insights into whether an online business has more:

    • Promoters (scores between 9-10)
    • Passives (scores between 7 – 8)
    • Detractors (scores between 0 – 6)

    Having a high number of detractors is a strong indicator of unhappy customers which will be churning in the nearest future.

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