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    Before launching a Shopify Store, you might want to place a few orders for testing purposes. But, as it is expected, you wouldn’t want these orders to pollute your sales reports, be it your Shopify Reports or some third-party application reports – like Reveal :). 

    There are a few options to test your store before launching (and also afterwards) without affecting the sales reporting. Below, we will try to explain how you can do that and cover as many situations as possible.

    Simulating a Transaction

    Shopify offers you the possibility to simulate a transaction by activating Shopify’s Bogus Gateway. In this Shopify article you can find more information regarding this option.

    If you are using Shopify Payments and you wish to test how your customers would pay for their orders, you can enable test mode. Of course, this is an option for those stores not launched yet. In this Shopify article you can find all the details you need for testing Shopify Payments.

    Testing with a Real Transaction

    If you wish to test a real transaction, an option would be to use the real payment option, and after the funds are processed, cancel and refund the order as soon as possible in order to avoid paying for transaction fees. More on this method of testing your store, here.

    Deleting an Order from Shopify

    If you wish to delete a test order from your store history, you can delete any order that:

    • Was paid for using a manual payment method;
    • Started as a draft and was then marked as paid;
    • Was imported through the Shopify API;
    • Is a test order;

    For more details on how to delete an order, please refer to this Shopify article.

    How are Test Orders handled in Reveal?

    As long as you have used either the Bogus Gateway or enabled the test mode for your payment provider on your test orders, Shopify has marked those orders as test (by adding a field named test with the value true on the order and its corresponding transaction) and we will map those orders as ignored so that they will not be taken into account when providing you the reports Reveal has to offer. 

    Still no luck in getting rid of Test Orders?

    Our team can help you by identifying the rules that signal test orders, and then exclude these orders from the analysis, by implementing a custom filter.
    Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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