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    You can create personalized and relevant communication for your customers by leveraging the RFM Group and / or the RFM Score within each of your Automizely email campaigns, if Automizely is your email marketing tool and your Automizely account is integrated with your Shopify account. 

    How to send RFM Group Names and RFM Scores into Automizely?

    Customer RFM-related information can be synced into Shopify.

    Once your Shopify customers’ tags are updated with the RFM Group Name and RFM Score, these tags will be automatically exported to Automizely and will be updated daily.

    Syncing the RFM-related information into Shopify

    Syncing the RFM-related information back into Shopify is a Limited Preview feature at the moment. The first step is to contact our Customer Support team (by writing a message in the chat bubble) and have this feature activated. 

    Once you receive our confirmation that the sync is complete, go to the Apps page in your Shopify admin > click on Reveal > select Enabled in the Data Sync section, under Shopify << Reveal.

    The data from Reveal is synced into Shopify daily and you can see when was the last sync performed. To re-sync the data at any different time, click the “Re-sync now” button.

    Finding the RFM Groups and RFM scores in Automizely

    In Automizely, you will find the RFM Group Name and RFM Score tags under SHOPIFY TAGS, at the bottom of each contact’s profile.

    Creating an email campaign based on the RFM Group or RFM Score

    Log into your Automizely account and go to Emails > Newsletter > Create a Newsletter.

    Choose the Campaign name and the Email subject line.

    In the “Send to” section select “Custom Segment”and click “Edit filters”.

    Click “Add filter” > click “Shopify tags”.

    Click “Select” > click the RFM Group Name or RFM Score > click “Save”.

    Continue editing the content & style and save the campaign. You can send a test email and select whether to send your campaign on the spot or schedule it.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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