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    Here’s what you need to know to Ensure GDPR ongoing compliance when it comes to newsletters, direct email marketing and profiled direct marketing:

    • Direct electronic marketing is currently regulated under the ePrivacy Directive, which generally requires opt-in consent before engaging in such activity. This means that, in most cases, even if you are relying on legitimate interests, the ePrivacy Directive would still require consent.
    • Any business that sells to just one EU customer or collects just one EU customer’s personal data must be GDPR compliant, regardless of where the business is located; the business needs a consent for direct marketing from any EU customer.
    • Shopify explains how to collect and use customers’ email addresses in this Shopify Help article.
    • Reveal automatically imports the “email subscriber” property (marketing consent property) from Shopify, for each customer in your Shopify database.
    • Through it’s direct integration with Klaviyo, Reveal exports the entire customer database into a Klaviyo list, including the marketing consent property, which you can find as “RVL Accepts Marketing”. In Klaviyo, you can create Segments for each Reveal RFM Group, so you can send relevant communication to customers sharing the same buying behavior.
    • You can easily ensure you only send emails to customers that specifically consented to receiving marketing communication from your side, by including in the Segments’ definition the “RVL Accepts Marketing” customer property.

    Creating a segment in Klaviyo based on RFM Group name and Marketing Consent properties from Reveal

    Step 1: Log into your account in Klaviyo and go to Lists & Segments > Create List / Segment.

    Step 2: Choose “Segment”, to dynamically add customers, based on a set of properties you define.

    Step 3: Name your new segment and in the definition:

    • select “Properties about someone” in the Select a Condition field; 
    • select “RVL RFM Group Name” in the Dimension field; 
    • keep “equals”; 
    • select “Soulmate” in the Dimension Value field; 
    • click on the “AND” button;
    • select “Properties about someone” in the Select a Condition field; 
    • select “RVL Accepts Marketing” in the Dimension field; 
    • select “is true”;
    • click on the “Create Segment” button.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team, via the chat bubble in Reveal, if you need any additional information.

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