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    How to integrate Reveal with Gorgias

    Step 1:
    Log into your Reveal account and go to Store Settings > Integrations > Gorgias > Click on the pencil to configure:

    As Gorgias integration is related to the NPS, the configuration can be done ONLY if an Explore account has already been integrated with Reveal. If no Explore account is integrated, the following message will be displayed: “ To access the Gorgias integration you have to integrate Explore first”:

    Step 2:
    Find the Base API URL and Username and create an API by accessing your Gorgias interface menu > Settings > Rest API:

    Step 3:
    After creating the API Key, copy each field:

    Step 4: 
    Paste the information required on Reveal’s Gorgias integration page and save your settings:

    You can create sets of conditions in Reveal for receiving tickets in Gorgias. You can create different sets of conditions, keeping in mind that the combination of conditions uses the “AND” rule. Tickets will be created only for customers that match all set conditions simultaneously.

    Step 1: 
    Go to the main menu> NPS Alerts section. Click the “Add New Condition” button to create a new set of conditions:

    Step 2:
    Name the set of conditions (here- “All RFM Groups – Promoters”) and decide which RFM Groups and NPS Scores (Pre or Post delivery or both) you’d like to send tickets for. In the below example, we chose to send tickets for all RFM Groups that scored promoters(scores 9 & 10 for post-delivery NPS), the tickets to be send starting today and to include both RFM Groups and NPS Groups tags:

    You could have selected all RFM Groups that score Detractors(NPS post-delivery scores from 0 to 6) or only the ones for your Power Customers(only score 10), for example, so you can treat any objection in real time. 

    To help you know when and how to act, for that “Above expectations CX”,  we’ve created a blueprint for monitoring and using the Net Promoter Score:

    Step 3: Selecting the time frame for NPS responses.
    If you select to start sending tickets from “tomorrow”, all new tickets will be created in real time, as soon as an NPS survey was submitted, starting the next day.

    For any other option, all new tickets will be created in real time, as soon as an NPS survey was submitted, starting the moment you save the set of conditions.

    For previous answers, it will take up to 24 hours for all tickets to be created:

    Step 4: After all selections are done, click the “Save” button:

    A confirmation message will appear in the upper right corner:

    Reacting to NPS feedback via Gorgias

    A new ticket will appear in Gorgias whenever a new NPS survey is submitted.

    The ticket’s subject is “Client <Client name> sent an NPS <Pre or Post> score of <NPS Score>”.
    The ticket will also contain tags for RFM Group and NPS Score:

    The ticket’s body includes details about the Customer id, Customer email, Order id, NPS type, NPS Score, Responded at, RFM Group, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Billing Phone, Shipping Phone and Products ordered:

    ! NOTE: Our recommendation for your Customer Support team is to reach out to the respective customers by opening a new ticket with an appropriate, personalized subject and body, as the ones sent from Reveal are just informative.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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