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    Once you create a new overlay, choose the preferred template, and the trigger, you will get to the design settings step.

    In the Design section you can choose the background color on image and adjust its opacity, set the desired action on the Submit button (if the template contains one) such as a redirection to another URL, you can choose the color for the Submit button and also the action on the Exit button:

    In the Design section, you can choose a suggestive name, choose whether to show or not the Exit button, set an animation and a timing for it:

    In the visual editor, you can change the text and personalize it using custom variables, customer attributes and on page variables. You can also add a link to your text, add and personalize a countdown timer.
    The bottom buttons allow you to reset the template, to switch between the three device type designs and also to use the code editor.

    In the code editor you can modify the code or insert custom snippets, such as for example a video iframe:

    Some of the overlay templates, such as the Subscribe to newsletter category, also include a Lead collector section.

    Here you can choose which fields will be required to complete, where to send the collected leads (to an email address or directly to your email marketing tool from the list) and also to personalize a ‘Thank you’ message, which is optional:

    Once you are done with the design settings, use the button on the right to open a full screen preview of your overlay:

    To complete creating your overlay and publish it, continue to follow the steps in this article.

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