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    In order to activate an overlay that triggers at click, you have to create two experiments: an A/B test and an overlay experiment.

    Creating and setting the overlay

    First, you need to create the overlay. Here are the general steps you need to follow, taking into consideration the indications below.

    It is very important to set the trigger for the overlay to be ‘On load’

    Also, in the Audience tab (Manage pages where you want to run this experiment), leave the included URL pages fields empty: 

    Under Advanced settings, set the Frequency to ‘Every time’:

    On the Traffic Allocation & Goals tab, set the experiment to run 100% on Variation: 

    Connecting the overlay to the A/B test

    For the second experiment, go to your Dashboard-> Choose “A/B Testing”

    To learn how to create an A/B test in Omniconvert, check out this article.

    When you reach the Variations tab in the experiment, select the button where the visitors should click on in order to display the pop-up and from the menu that appears select ‘On Click Actions’ and ‘Display overlay’:

    Select the overlay variation that you want to appear from the ‘Choose overlay’ window:

    After that, all you have to do is to continue following the steps in creating the A/B test, as mentioned in this article.

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