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    These are all custom variables already available for every website which contains our tracking code. You don’t need to do any detailed technical implementation to use it.

    You can use these variables in AB testing experiments, web personalization creatives or surveys for every subscription type.

    In a personalization, in order to use the variables in the Variation editor, click on the text element that you want to edit and choose ‘Edit element’ and ‘Change text’.

    In the next editor window, you will be able to personalize your text using a list of custom variables.


    The country in which the visitor is.
    Accuracy: 100%


    The region in which the visitor is.
    Accuracy: 80%


    The city in which the visitor is.
    Accuracy: 70%


    The weather temperature (Celsius) at visitor’s location.
    Accuracy: 70%.
    Updated  every 4 hours


    The weather temperature (Fahrenheit) at visitor’s location.
    Accuracy: 70%.
    Updated every 4 hours


    The website domain (for the domain is for referring website.
    If the visitor entered directly on the website, the referrer domain  will be empty.


    Number of views realized in the current session. Example: 45


    Number of days since first visit. We detect first visit starting from the moment in which our tracking code was installed on website. Example: 7 (can be 0 too)


    Number of days since last visit. Example: 14 (can be 0 too)


    The browser name detected from the user agent. Possible values: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Explorer, Netscape, Camino, OmniWeb, iCab, Konqueror


    The main browser version detected from the user agent. Example: 11, 30


    The device type detected from browser user agent: Possible values: desktop, mobile, tablet


    The operating system detected from browser User Agent. Possible values: Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux


    The IP address of visitor. Example:


    Number of real-time visitors for the current page.

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