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    Most of the time, visitors know exactly what they’re looking for, so why not give them the chance to go directly there, as soon as they land on your website? You can do this by creating an Overlay that is triggered on load, on the landing pages (like category or homepage).

    Here is how you can do it:

    Step 1. Create a new Overlay

    Step 1. Select the ‘Overlay’ option on the left side menu.

    From the next window choose Create an Overlay to create a new experiment.

    Filter the available templates by selecting ‘Personalization’ and choose a template from the list (or, create your custom personalized one).

    Then choose the ‘On Load’ trigger.

    Step 2. Edit the overlay design

    In this step you must enter the link towards the pages you want to redirect towards (example: the pages with the size filter active).  Example:

    experiment url redirects

    Step 3. Set the audience

    Choose your ‘Audience’ and enter the URL of the page(s) where you want to trigger the experiment at ‘Manage the pages where you want to run this experiment’.

    experiment audience manage pages

    Then create or select a segment from the existing ones.

    experiment create select segment

    Once you click on ‘Select or create a segment’, this window will appear:

    create new select existing segment

    Under the Advanced settings option, you can set up the device type segmentation and frequency on which the overlay will be displayed.

    device frequency segmentation

    Step 4. Set the traffic allocation and goals

    To allocate traffic, move the blue slider and then split the percentage between Control and Variation.

    experiment traffic

    To set up goals, you can choose to count the three goals implemented by default or to create a new one.

    experiment goals

    When you click on the red button, this window will show up:

    experiment new goal

    Step 5. Schedule and publish the overlay

    Adjust the schedule by selecting the time interval to run this overlay and the press the ‘Publish’ button.

    ***Here is a preview of how it will look on your website:

    experiment final look product filter

    That’s all. Enjoy your conversions.

    DON’T FORGET: After each time you publish or update an experiment, you have to wait 3-4 minutes until it will be visible on your website. If you want to see the changes live instantly, install the OmniTool extension that helps bypass the cache system which generates the delay. You can download OmniTool here.

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