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    1. Open your Google Tag Manager account and access the ‘Admin’ tab > ‘Account’ > ‘Install Google Tag Manager’.

    install google tag manager

    2. A new window will appear. It contains the GTM code that must be installed.

    google tag manager code

    3. In a different window, go to your WordPress Dashboard, ‘Appearance’, ‘Editor’, and look for the ‘header.php‘ template. The GTM code must be inserted here. The GTM code has 2 parts that need to be inserted as follows: the 1st has to be added within the <head> tag; the 2nd part of the GTM code has to inserted within the <body> tag. In the end, after placing both snippets of code, press ‘Update File’.

    how to insert gtm code

    If you have additional questions or inquiries regarding GTM implementation, you can access this Quick Start Guide.

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