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    Using a webhook, you can receive survey lead details in a programmatic way (POST’s variables) in a few minutes after a visitor submits the form. You can use this feature for integration with other systems like CRMs or mailing lists.

    Parameters we send via POST to your URL:

    • id_survey (integer)
    • field_name (for example purpose)
    • field_email (for example purpose)
    • hash (text)
    • URL (text) – the URL of the page where the lead was completed

    To be sure of original source, you must check the “hash” field value with your API Key value. You can get your API key from the right-top submenu in the dashboard.

    if($_POST['hash'] == $my_api_key) {
    //good to process
    else {
    //source is not Omniconvert

    If for some reason the URL is not reachable, we won’t try again later. But do not panic, you can download all leads as CSV from the survey results page.

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