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    You can install Reveal from the Shopify App Store, by clicking on the Add app button here. Once you click on Add app, you are redirected back to your Shopify Admin to authorize the use of Reveal in your store. 

    Shopify Permissions Preview

    What does it all mean?

    Once installed, Reveal will be able to:

    VIEW (only read):

    • Shopify account data: your Shopify account email address, phone numbers, locations
    • Products: Product, Product Variant, Product Image, Collect, Custom Collection, and Smart Collection – needed in order to be able to import the Products, Product Variants and the Collections in Reveal; Inventory – needed in order to get the acquisition price of the ProductVariant (InventoryItem.cost)
    • Orders: Abandoned checkouts, Fulfillment, Order, and Transaction for your store’s entire lifetime – needed in order to be able to import all the orders in Reveal

    MANAGE (read and write):

    • Customers:
      • read Customers – needed in order to be able to import the customers into Reveal;
      • write Customers – needed to be able to sync back the RFM group and RFM score as customer tags and metafields.
        Note: The RFM-related information can be synced back into Shopify, for each customer. This is a Limited Preview feature at the moment, so please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team if you would benefit from having the RFM information within Shopify.
    • Themes: Asset and Themes – read and write Themes – both needed in order to inject the metafields snippet in theme’s liquid files (as part of RFM Sync feature). You can read more about how to expose RFM information within your Shopify store frontend here.

    Note: By default, Reveal will only read data from your Shopify store and will be able to edit customers & themes only if you opt for activating the Reveal into Shopify sync.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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