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    How to install the Experiment Debugger

    If you have active experiments are not visible on your website, you can find out exactly why and fix it.

    To start, you have to drag the button below to your browser’s bookmarks bar (working on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE 11).

    Omniconvert Debugger

    omniconvert debugger

    After the installation, anytime you wonder why an experiment has not been triggered, visit the page you’ve included in the experiment and click on the debugger bookmarklet. It is really important that you are logged into your Omniconvert account at the same time:

    omniconvert debugger bookmarklet

    A list of all the experiments running on your website will appear. Please keep in mind that experiments must be active in order to be seen and debugged.

    experiment list

    How to read the debugger data

    The pop-up shows you all the experiments that are active on your entire website. To see why it is not running, click on the experiment id that targets the page you’re on to see the options.

    experiment id options

    Error messages

    • Exclusivity – Previously seen an exclusive experiment. You have been included (seen) another experiment that is set as exclusive (check exclusivity options for your running experiments).
    • Respondents limit – Number of visitors/respondents already reached. The limit of users included in this experiment has been reached. Check out the limit under ‘Audience’ > ‘Advanced settings’.
    • Traffic allocation – Not included by traffic allocation. You haven’t been included in this experiment by randomization. Your traffic settings in ‘Traffic Allocation and Goals’ are not set to 100%. Clear cookies and try a few more times or set the blue traffic bar to 100% for testing.
    • Device type – Check device typesetting. You’re not using the device type selected in the Audience – Advanced settings.
    • Scheduling – Check scheduling setting. You are now in the excluded time zone entered under Scheduling. Change the settings in order to see the experiment.
    • Pages involved – This URL is not involved in this experiment. The URL you’re currently on is not targeted by ‘Audience settings’. It might be a discrepancy between the original URL and the one entered into the Audience. Check out this article regarding how to set up the Audience properly.
    • Segment – Check segment conditions. You are not part of the segment set for this experiment. Check out Segment settings and add your IP address for testing purposes. Check out this article on how to test your experiments live on your IP address.
    • Frequency – Frequency setting was reached. You are not able to see the experiment because you have reached the frequency limit allocated. Check out Audience – Advanced Settings For testing purposes set the frequency to “Every time”.
    • Restrictions – Survey not triggered because already responded/clicked respond later or stop asking me.

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