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    With Omniconvert you can create AB Tests for dynamic shopping carts. Until now, it was almost impossible to do so, but now it’s very easy. This feature is really helpful for all the e-commerce stores who dynamically generate their shopping carts.

    Here’s how you can use this great feature:

    1. Navigate to a product and add it to your shopping cart.  On the cart page, right click your mouse and select “View Source”. Select the source code and copy it:

    a b test view source shopping cart

    2. Log in the app’s dashboard and go to A/B Testing – New A/B Test. Click on “upload your own HTML code”:

    3. Now paste the source code and “Load source code”:

    That’s the technical part. Go on with the next steps of the AB Test, add variations, create the experiment and check out the test results.

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