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    You are probably wondering why there is a difference between your Total Sales Report from Shopify and Reveal Data Total from Cohort Analysis. There is a simple explanation for that, in your Total Sales Report in Shopify you are seeing all orders, even though some might be pending payment or pending fulfillment. While in Reveal Cohort Analysis, only delivered orders are taken into account.

    But if you want to, you can create a custom report in Shopify for delivered orders and check Shopify Data against Reveal Cohort Analysis. Below you will find all the necessary information to create such a report.

    Step 1:
    Go to your Shopify Store Admin > Analytics > Reports > Create Custom Report:

    Step 2:
    Set a title for your report and select a template to start from (e.g. “sales over time”) and then click on “Create custom report” button:

    Step 3:
    Scroll down to buttons “Manage filters” and “Edit columns”:

    Step 4:
    Click on “Manage filters” and add filter “Fulfillment status” (select it from the dropdown menu) > Set condition to “is” > add value in search field to “fulfilled” > click on “Apply filters”:

    Note: you can add the columns which interest you from “Edit columns” button for more data.

    Step 5:
    Don’t forget to save the report at the top of the page after adding the filters and columns:

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