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    Step 1. Enable Hotjar in Omniconvert

    To start tracking your experiments with Hotjar, you must activate the integration.

    To do so, go to your website menu and click on “Integrations” from the drop-down list:

    In the Integrations page, activate the connection with Hotjar and click save to finish.

    After Enabling it, a green banner will confirm that the integration was successful:

    Step 2. View your Session Recordings in Hotjar

    Once you have enabled the integration in Omniconvert and started the experiment, go to your Hotjar account and:

    • Click on Recordings in the left-hand menu
    • You will enter in the overview of all the session recordings. On the upper left side, you will have the option to filter them after events:

    After choosing “Event”, you will be able to find your Omniconvert experiments in the drop-down list as you can see below:

    You can select one or more, then hit “Apply”:

    Step 3. View your Heatmaps in Hotjar

    • Click on “Heatmaps” in the left-hand menu
    • Create a new Heatmap
    • Enter a name for your Heatmap and click next
    • As in the previous steps, you will further need to click on “Add filter” and then select “Event”:
    • Choose your Experiment ID that you need:
    • Now click on “Apply”:
    And that’s it! Now you are all set!

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