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    With GetResponse integration, you can send all the leads collected with Omniconvert directly into your dedicated lists.

    Step 1. Connect GetResponse with Omniconvert

    •  Log into your GetResponse account and go to Integrations and API:

    And then click on ‘API‘ from the Menu.

    If you didn’t generate an API key before, then you can generate it now and save it with a custom name:

    After you generate the API Key and name it, you have to copy it:

    • Once you’ve copied the GetResponse API key go to Omniconvert and click on your website -> Integrations.
      There, paste the API key in the GetResponse field and click Save:
    omniconvert integrations paste key

    Step 2. Select where to send the leads captured with Omniconvert Overlays:

    • Create New Overlay – > Select a lead collecting template and in the Variation go to ‘Send leads by’ and select GetResponse:
    getresponse new overlay
    • After the platform fetches the lists, choose the one you wish and match the fields in your GetResponse list with the ones available in your Omniconvert Overlay:
    getresponse match fields

    And now enjoy your integration with GetResponse.

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