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    SalesManago is a marketing automation tool. You can monitor visitor activity and detect how engaged they are with your website, based on history and custom rules. You can also tag with custom attributes and create a lead score.

    Based on this integration, use the information from SalesManago to segment visitors for Omniconvert experiments.
    Let’s find out how this is possible:

    1. Find the SalesManago credentials

    Go to the SalesManago interface -> Settings (top left) -> Integration and find Client ID and API Secret

    2. Connect SalesManago with Omniconvert

    Go to the Integration section in the Omniconvert interface, insert SalesManago credentials and click Save.
    On “Owner email” you must insert the email address you already use for logging into SalesManago.

    salesmanago owner email

    3. Create a segment based on SalesManago information

    When you create a new segment, you’ll find a condition called “SalesManago parameter”.

    salesmanago parameter

    As parameter you can use:

    • name
    • email
    • phone
    • score
    • state
    • tag.NAME (where NAME is a tag name you already know)
    • property.NAME (where NAME is a property name you already know)

    BONUS: use SalesManago information as dynamic variables in creatives.

    As you already know, you can insert multiple dynamic variable types in creatives.
    Thanks to this integration, you can use any information about a SalesManago visitor as a variable.

    Example: {SALESMANAGO[name]}, {SALESMANAGO[]}

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