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    Before we delve into the Omniconvert cookie list describing their purpose, behavior, update cycles and expiration… Let’s talk about some of the key concepts that will shed some light into why YMMV.

    If you just want to read the list, you can always skip ahead and lose the juicy bits of this article.

    When does Omniconvert not set cookies?

    If your website visitors are in the EU and GDPR consent is not given, Omniconvert doesn’t set any cookie at all!

    This also happens when an older version of Internet Explorer, namely 10 and below.

    If you disable the Omniconvert code from the platform, everything will be disabled, including experiments and the dreadful setting of cookies!

    When are Omniconvert cookies set ?

    Apart from 3 of our cookies (1 of which is automatically deleted), we only add cookies if certain conditions are met.

    Condition: Viewed a page

    This happens whenever one of your visitors goes to a page that contains the Omniconvert tracking code.

    Condition: Bucketed in an experiment

    Whenever a visitor passes the various rules configured for an experiment, they will be bucketed in that experiment. Effectively contributing to the data collected for that specific user experience.

    Some of these rules include: Device Type, Audience Pages, Frequency, Traffic Allocation and many more (we’re looking at you segmentation)!

    Condition: Experiment has frequency throttling

    Sometimes you want that ribbon showing your newest offer on every page. Sometimes you want a popup to only be shown once. We call this Frequency Throttling.

    If the frequency throttling is set to one time per day / week / month / session / lifetime. We consider this a special use case that can increase the performance your end users will perceive.

    When do Omniconvert cookies expire?

    It actually depends on when they were last updated.

    And as you saw from the When are Omniconvert cookies set? question, it sort of depends.

    What we know is how long they will remain active after the last write

    Cookie List

    _mktz_enabledViewed a PageAlways1 second
    mktz_clientViewed a PageAlways1 year
    mktz_surveyInteracted with surveyEach Time1 year
    mktz_interactionFinished lead overlayEach Time1 year
    mktz_abBucketed in an A/B ExperimentEach Time1 year
    mktz_engagementBucketed in an Experiment which has the engagement goalEach Time1 hour
    mktz_sessViewed a pageNever10 hours
    mktz_storageCustom ExperimentsCustom1 year
    mktz_temp_{ID_EXP}Bucketed in an Experiment that has frequency throttling of 1 / periodAlways10 hours
    mktz_persistent_groupViewed a Page and website has Magento RFM Plugin and user has RFM GroupAlways1 year


    • Expiration is reset when the specific cookie updates!

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