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    In order to create a goal, go to Goals. Click New Goal and the following window will appear:

    omniconvert create new goal

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You can choose between 2 goal types, Page view and Custom:

    • Page view goals only allow you to track how many people viewed a

    particular web page;

    • Custom goals allow tracking SALES, CONVERSION RATE, AVERAGE

    ORDER VALUE. In order to benefit from this type of reporting, add the piece of code you’ve received by email to the general tracking code. Name your custom goals according to what you’re trying to monitor. A page view goal will help you track down the confirmation page of achieving that goal. In other words, if your goal is to bring your visitor on a page that sells a high-value toy such as a robot dog, simply add the corresponding URL as the goal. You will now know when the goal has been achieved.

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